Forwarding domain

I’m completely new to creating websites and I’m afraid I signed up for this hosting site mearly because of the green objectives. It seems a bit advanced for me, maybe not as user friendly for a layman as myself. I’m trying to build a website on INDEXHIBIT but I can’t even get it started as I’m having trouble with the first step. Connecting my domain to Dreamhost.

First, I registered my domain with Yahoo 10 days ago. So it seems like I can’t forward it to my Dreamhost because :

-Domains may not be transferred within 60 days of their initial registration or their most recent transfer

So if I were to temporarily forward my Yahoo domain, it asks me to enter a destination. But what would that be?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



You don’t need to forward or transfer your domain. You just need to tell Yahoo which DNS to use for your domain: