Forwarding and being able to send email

Okay, Now that email is back up and working AFTER A WEEK!!!

I do have to say that was RIDICULOUS for email to be down for A WHOLE WEEK!!!

Does this happen often with DreamHost?

I canceled my email plan because I was only able to use it for 1 day and then the servers crashed the next day, and after 5 days I got tired of waiting for email to come back up.

Soooo I tried another service and it was okay… But I am back here…

I just reset back up my email up at DH as a forward only address and pointed it to gmail

I should be able to send email using my domain address right if I set up my email address in gmail as email address to send from?


ohhh it looks like I can’t do that… Forwarding is forwarding only, with no SMTP access.


It looks like the only thing I can do is either switch back to pop3 since I can’t use gmail.

You’d need to use a Fully Hosted email, but you should be able to send/receive at GMail.

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