Forwarding a subdomain to an ip


Hi all,
I have a domain fully hosted on
I want to make a sub-domain address and forward to an IP address.
Do i have change to do that? Somebody can you help me how?


edit DNS settings & make a new A record


Dns setting for main domain or subdomain. what should i write to cname… my ip adress which i want or ?
will it not affected to my domain completely?


Sorry, I mean A record. I always get them mixed up. You can point it wherever you want. -> value:


I visited dns option under my domain record.
I add my subdomain… I want to understand 2 things if you don’t mind.
What is the value mean? Is it ip address where i want forward to the subdomain?

It will not affect all domain or just for subdomain ?
Thanks for your help from the beginning.


To add a subdomain that points to an IP address somewhere else,

Go to manage domains in the panel. Don’t pick add a new domain or sub-domain, Instead click the DNS button underneath the domain in questions. Fill in the Section titled “Add a custom DNS record to

Type A records are if you are going to point to an IP address, use CNAME if you want to point to a name that already exists in DNS, and “Value” is that IP address or name.

After you make your change, you may not see the change immediately. Remember DNS changes take time to propagate across the internet. Hint: if you have been playing with and want to use/test your new entry more quickly don’t use because it will already be cached and you have to wait for the cache to expire, instead use a new sub-domain such as that has not been cached previously and your entry will start working quicker.


Thanks for your replay but still I have a question… When I add the an ip address for A record will it affect to website and emails running?
First time I will do that’s why I abstain from a little.
Your answer will highly be appreciated.


No it will not effect your main domain or mail. If you follow my instruction above you will simply be adding a sub-domain such as to your hosting for it will not effect the records that dreamhost has already generated for


Sorry for delay answer… I did and it is working well… Many thanks to all who gives me answer… I appreciated.


Hello, I have a related issue and I’m not positive if I’m encountering the Cache issue, propagating issue, or if what I’m seeing is the problem.

I’ve set the A record to the IP address for directed by tumblr.

While setting up the CNAME for to “” and after submitting it is recorded as “” with an extra dot at the end.

When I go to tumblr and click “test your domain” I try both and and receive a message saying that the CNAME is not pointing to “

After trying to change to I get the following confirmation:

We have now edited the CNAME record for with value to be the CNAME record for with value!

They’re clearly adding a dot to the end, is this common or is this the issue?

Sorry to be overly detailed / repetitive, I was just hoping to get all of the info out right away.


The dot Deamhost adds is correct. If you want a technical explanation there is a discussion about it here:

You probably aren’t waiting long enough, DNS propagation usually takes 12-24 hours withing the USA, for all worldwide nameservers it could take up to 3 days.

If your still having issues please give us the domain name so that we can look at the DNS as you have submitted it.