Forwarding 1and1 domain to DreamHost

Hello. I want to port an additional domain to my current DreamHost account. I’ve already added the domain name in the DreamHost domain section

And on the 1and1 end, I’ve updated the NS to the DreamHost one.

But I see this option, where it’s asking for my target directory and destination. Am I making doing this right? Should I change the Target directory to / ?

Currently, if I visit the site, the domain would take me to the default 1and1 page.

Thank you!

The nameserver change and any other DNS changes take awhile to happen. The term is DNS propagation. Servers around the world have the old info cached for a period of time before they check the source of the information again. Usually a nameserver change takes about 24 hours to update. Dreamhost DNS changes are usually about 4-8 hours (but sometimes it runs longer) if changed after the nameserver change takes effect. Not everyone will switch from old to new at the same time, for example you might find the change occurred sooner from your phone’s IP that it does from you computers IP or vice versa.

Once you’ve set the name servers to DreamHost, you shouldn’t need to set anything additional from the 1and1 panel. As LakeRat has helpfully explained, though, it may take a few hours for that change to take effect.

Thanks guys!