Forwarder on hosted mail?

I used to be able to create new email accounts that also forward to another account; that capability seems to be gone. I saw an entry about creating a forward-only email address and then changing it to fully hosted (FWIW, I did RTFF) but that didn’t work. Is that option truly gone for good? Is there some kind of workaround that will let me get the same result, like an auto-forward webmail rule?


I still see the option to create forward-only addresses on the panel. Second section of:

Right, a forwarding-only address is still possible. And a fully hosted email address without automatic forwarding is also an option. But I was informed by DH support that the forwarding option on fully hosted mail has been disabled for new accounts because of issues, including one where the accounts were getting flagged as spammers by ISPs.

But there seems to be a workaround: Using a mail filter to forward everything sent to that address to another email address.

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