Forwarded emails


I would like to set up a large number of forwarded email addresses that can be controlled from php. I can do this with dreamhost?


There is no published API for interfacing with the DreamHost email account/forwarding set-up processes that are available from the control panel.

That doesn’t mean it can’t be be done; only that it can’t be done easily. If you search these forums you will find example code where others have implemented some degree of “control” (for instance, the ability to create an address under a DreamHost account that forwards to an existing email box on Dreamhost) via PHP. You could always use that code as a “starting point”.

It’s hard to say more as I don’t really know what functions/properties of the “forwarded email address” you are talking about when you say “controlled by php” (creation, deletion, editing, password change, change where it forwards to, etc).

At any rate, doing any of that would be an unsupported programming project that would likely break if certain changes were applied to the DreamHost panel in the future - you could hack something together, but without an established API, you would have no way of knowing if it could be expected to continue to work for any period of time. :wink:



Actually, this can be done. Firstly, set up a catch-all mailbox from the DreamHost web panel. Secondly, write a script which accesses the mailbox through POP or SMTP and forward emails to various email addresses by checking the designated email address in the message. Lastly, set up a cron job to run this script at a set interval. I hope this would answer your question.

Alternatively if you are looking to import a large number of forwarded email addresses (not controlled by web interface), there is such a function in the DreamHost web panel.

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That’s a good idea and a nice post. I think you understood what the OP was wanting to do a lot better than I did. :slight_smile:



[quote]a large number


You should be aware of restrictions on email rates, although it may or not apply to what you do.

[quote]49. Do you allow mailing lists to be sent out from your servers? What is the email per hour limit?

You should use our mailing list software for any mailing lists you want to run with us. Websites that send email are limited to 100/hr via SMTP and 200/hr via SSH/SHELL. All mailings must be compliant with our anti-spam policy.[/quote]
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Note that it is possible to remove the limits on email sent by contacting DreamHost through the “Contact Support” section in the web panel although it differs on a case to case basis.

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IIRC, you at least need to have a double opt-in email policy.

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