Forward one domain to another?

I need to know how to forward one domain to another domain on dreamhost.

Both use the dreamhost DNS and both are hosted on dreamhost, but I need let’s say DomainA to forward to DomainB.

So when someone hits on DomainA it automatically takes them to DomainB without using any kind of link on a page on DomainA. Preferably on the server level if possible.


This is an easy one. Go to DH main menu, click on “manage domains.” You will see a list of all your domains. In the column “web hosting” for the domain you want to redirect, click on the wrench icon. In my case, the word “fully” is next to the wrench on all my domains.

once you get to the page controlling that domain, go down the page to where it says “redirected” and put in the URL you want to redirect to. Click the "redirect… " button.

Piece of cake :slight_smile:

patrick is right.

You can refer to some article in wiki for more information.

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