Forward gone from Email

I am a business owner and I use email for not only active users but also for archiving emails from various sources automatically. For example, I have contact forms that I want to be archived to an email address (without having to write a database for it), but the form also gets forwarded to an end-user that can act on it. Another, are systems in our operation that send emails that we want archived and also be sent on to a human. So the other day I went to create a new email address and low and behold the only forward available is forward only, no longer can the email be saved there and get forwarded to another address. The only available forward is forward only now! So I contacted support and the answer is the feature was eliminated to tidy up the email system. OK, thank you, Dreamhost, no heads up, just eliminate it like we’re a bunch of silly kids that have been bad and so our toys are taken away. What solution will you offer Dreamhost? How about a level of service that includes this that we can pay more for at least?

To get the old “also forward to:” box to display again, Create (or Edit) the address as Forward Only then edit it back (again) to Fully Hosted.

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