Forward email has to come back soon

The “forward email” services is dismantled without proper notice. And it is a feature that is used to hold the internet save. The option was first moved from the panel to the message filters. A bit strange but it worked. And now its gone completely. The option to use Google is not acceptable for a provider as Dreamhost. If I like to go to Google why stay here?

Response from support:

Thanks for sharing the scenarios where it would be optimal to include
forwarding on a fully hosted address. In regards to both situations, I
can see how the forwarding option would be beneficial. Alternatively, if
you have a primary address, you can setup your fully hosted
address in gmail so incoming emails are also delivered to the gmail
INBOX. This also allows the option to keep a copy of the INBOX messages
on the server. Details on checking your email at gmail can be referenced
here -

The situations you shared are good and makes sense. If you’d like, you’re
more than welcome to share them in are suggestion thread at and hopefully we can
see a feature like you detailed be available.


Hello Andrew,

I hope that I misunderstand your response.

Forwarding email has a long tradition at Dreamhost. And you suggest that Dreamhost is silently removing this option.

For saftety reasons do I use different email adresses for different compagnies. When someone is hacked, I know what email adress to take care of, or change only my adress for that compangy only. I can also see if e.g. DHL likes to contact me on a strange email adress it most likely is false. Forward email is suffucient most of the the time but not always. So I think that Dreamhost has an option somewhere to combine Fully hosting with forwarding email. Let me point out two situations, for now, for which I like a solution from you.

  1. My children receive an family email adress. So the don’t have to go to Google mail when they are little. As a parent I need to help them to deal with al the stuff like sexting, or abuse, or spam, … So when they need a fully hosted email, I need to look over there shoulder. For this I like to forward their email. So thet I can help them grow up safely in the online world.

  2. When I create an email for a website/compagny a forward only is not always sufficient. E.g. my bank sends me emails about news, stocks ect. But if I want to contact them they ONLY accept mail from the email adress they know. So I need to receive the mails, but sometimes need to send a mail from that adress as well.



Jesus wept.

The Suggestions category is where (often) good ideas are officially ignored.


Thank you so much for sharing this thread here. I even didn’t know much about it.

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