Hello everyone!

I want to start a forum on this musician and I want to know how many members are allowed on a forum at one go?

Is there a limit? because I have seen other hosting companies and they have for example 75 people allowed at one go or it would be considered as over using the CPU limits?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I have not seen any fixed limits. It may be a case of try it and see. It really depends what your forum viewers are doing when they are in the forum. If they are reading items then it will be a lot less cpu intensive than if they were all searching or writing messages.
Try asking support and see if they have any ideas, but I should imagine it will be the usual case of there being no restrictions placed by DreamHost until you impinge on the other server users.
You might get no users at all! I had none for my ‘Meet Cyril Nibblethwaite’ forum, but you may be luckier. :slight_smile:


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