can i host forums using DreamHost’s webhosting ?

and also,
does dreamhost have alternative payment methods other than Credit Card/Check/Money Order ?
and do Check/Money Order from other countries (written in US dollars) be able to pay for the bill ?

thank you in advance for those who answers to my quesiton

Yes, you can Host Forums on DH. There is a nice and easy one-click-install of PHPBB. It’s also very easy to install many other scripts on your own.

I don’t really know for sure about what payement methods DH takes - but I can’t imagine how else you’d pay… Enless you want to show up at their door setp with sandwhices and cookies and see if that works.

I do believe DH will accecpt any of thoes written in US dollars - but if it’s a check you’re going to have to wait while it clears the bank. It’s definatly worth using credit card if you can.


Dreamhost also accepts PayPal, I believe.

I know there are plenty of non-Americans using DH for hosting, so it can’t be that difficult to take care of the payment process.