How can I add a forum like this one to my website?

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Here is a forum pacjage that you can install on Dh:

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If you prefer something lighter than phpBB, consider punBB or miniBB.

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what do you mean lighter?

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Lighter as in smaller (no fancy/non-essential features), faster, and less resource hungry.

miniBB is lean and mean; PunBB offers a few more features than miniBB, so it may be more resource hungry than miniBB.

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I have it running
thanks for your help.
I figured, who cares about resources. let dreamhost worry about it :smiley:

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Thanks for this tip. I had been struggling with Solid-arity. This phpBB2 works great, and easy to install. I would like to know how to take off the phpBB2 logo as DH has done. I have only just got my board up and running with a few new users as of yesterday. Maybe there is something in the look and feel section I haven’t discovered yet.


What I usually do (brute force method): create a replacement logo, or just a tiny, blank gif file to use as a placeholder. Name the file logo_phpBB.gif.

Upload the replacement file to phpBB2/templates/subSilver/images/logo_phpBB.gif,
overwriting the existing logo file.

If you create a viewable replacement logo, life is easiest if you make the image the same size (200x91) as the existing logo. If your replacement is just empty space, you don’t have to make a big file; just a single transparent or background-colored pixel will do.

I prefer to simply swap out the default logo because all that’s involved is uploading a single file; no edits to any code are necessary, so later version updates are a breeze.


Thank you Haggis. That’s what I did.


One more question about forums. The phpBB2 is working great at one of my sites. I orginally installed the Solidworks forum on just one of my domains, had a problem, sent an email to the support group which got ignored. As it is a Beta with an old copyrght date, I surmise that is isn’t well supported and I should switch to phpBB2. My problem with Solidarity was that the same forum showed in all my domains. I need a different forum for each domain. I expect this not to be a problem with phpBB2, because I install each forum in a separate subdirectory below each domain and have a separate mySql database mapped to it. Before I blast away my one working Solidarity forum, my question is, can I install multiple separate phpBB2 forums (one per domain)?


Yes, you can install more than one phpbb2 forum.

:cool: Perl / MySQL / HTML+CSS