Forum woes

HI My forum views are getting stranger. When I login, I don’t get a forum listing, I get a blank screen. To view the forums, I have to search for a message and work outward up through the hierarchy to view the forums. What is going on?

Dunno. You haven’t given us much to go on. What’s the URL of your forum?


Sorry. I meant this forum. The Dreamhost Discussion forum.

Has your browser recently ever had the words Lunar and Pages in it’s cache? That could possibly ruin your entire computer if left un exorcised.

I could not imagine what else your problem could possibly be, as it works totally fine here. Perhaps you have a spyware issue, or some configuration of your firewall is causing trouble for some sites you view, I really cant imagine the wide potential array of possibilities is, but again… workin wonderfully here.

Daniel Runyon Com

Try a different browser. This is a substitute for clearing caches, cookies, and praying to the internets gods.