Forum Spam Overwhelming

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The forum is infested with promotion spam. There is so much spam in the forum, it is almost nonfunctional.

Why isn’t the spam removed by a DH rep? For many new or prospective DH clients, this is their first impression. Shameful.

Until the forum is monitored efficiently, I’m no longer going to help out. What’s the point?


Hear, hear! I dutifully flag spam topics/posts, and some get removed, but it’s a Sisyphean task because posts by new users is poorly filtered. The poor filtering has attracted spammers, so most new user posts are now spam.

I’m on another active public Discouse-base forum (Jekyll-Talk), and I’ve never seen spam – so it is possible to control the spam.

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Thank you both very much for this convo, @keyplyr and @habilis – I’m currently heading a project here to refresh this forum top to bottom and improve the overall experience. Aside from the visual appearance and reorganizing of categories and topics, we’ll also be adding some helpful features and will be attacking spam full-force both passively with settings and actively with moderation. Our technical operations team is working first over the next few weeks to move the forum to a much more stable environment, and then my team will be implementing new features and much-needed moderation measures in the weeks following.

This feedback is extremely valuable to us, and we have every intention to keep our long-running forum active and improve the experience for discussions to come. Please stay tuned for updates, and thank you again for this and your overall participation in the community. :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone!
Have just joined this forum and this is first post i came across!
And i agree that there should be spam moderation!

best wishes and happy to be part of this community

Ty All