Forum platforms, suggestions please

I want to set up a forum for a particular interest group I’m part of, and host on my server at (which is hosted on DreamHost).

Does DreamHost provide an easy way to set up a forum? Or do I have to go find my own forum software and figure out how to set up on my DreamHost server?

It looks like you have something there already. Are you looking for a new platform?

I have been running RedMatrix for the last few months. It takes a little getting used to, but once I grasped it, it is a great platform:

In fact, it has completely replaced all of my other social networks.

The forum you see isn’t actually hosted on my server. It was a free forum thing using phpBB that it set up a while ago. But the provider of that forum is awol, and it’s an old version of phpBB software, and I can’t get any support on it. Need to upgrade, so I thought I would see what’s involved in setting up and hosting on my own server, rather than some third party free-forum hosting with ads and all that shit.

We’ve got a One-Click Install available for phpBB. A current version, too, not the ancient one you’ve got through that other provider. :slight_smile: It’s pretty easy to get set up and running.

This forum’s using MyBB. It’s not currently available as a one-click install, but it’s not too hard to set up either.

Andrew, could you send me a link for the one-click install for phpBB. Would like to look at that. Thanks much.

Go to your control panel and click “One Click Installs” in the toolbox in the upper left hand corner.

FWIW, I like Phorum: