Forum not sending notifications to users

Cant seem to find a problem with phpbb, but we dont get any post notifications or PM notifications via email. Any ideas if its my dreamhost settings?

I assume you have these enabled in the admin control panel of phpbb.

Is the php function nameset to “mail” without the quotes on that page? Is use SMTP set to no?[hr]
one more thought: You may have to have user verification of email address at registration turned on and the user must have verified email status to receive emails.

Yes, both of those settings are as you listed. Thanks

have you looked in the phpbb admin and error logs for clues?

We have actually. Strangely enough, there is no errors to report. We’ve looked and tried about everything we can think of for the last 2 weeks. The only thing that changed was the dreamhost server, because the last one was giving us issues.

SO I’ve managed to solve my problem. Pretty disappointed with the phpbb staff in regards to the many people whom have had this same problem, yet cant seem to find a support representative knowlegible or willing enough to “really” solve their problem.

Can anyone here tell me how/why I would have a file in my cache directory called “queue.php.lock”??? Apparently this 0 KB file was keeping all the queue.php file notifications from going out. This was the whole reason I could never get PM or POST notifications on my site! Extremely aggravated, but glad its finally solved after 3 weeks of beating my head against the wall, trying to figure out why.

The person whom found this out, wasnt even a tech support representative. There has to be a “reason” why this file was created, and why wouldn’t a support representative know anything about this?

phpbb staff? who is that?

phpbb is an open source software package. You wont’ find staff to call or email, but you might get one of the contributors to answer over in the phpbb forum.

If you were speaking of dreamhost support staff, they don’t actually support phpbb. They support the server that you installed phpbb on.

I don’t specifically have information about queue.php.lock you may be able to google to learn more about it. Lock files are typically created by software to ‘lock’ some function temporarily while a different file is updated or some other operation. They get used instead of a variable in memory because files can be read by a different process or different part of the software. Normally lock files get handled correctly by the software and added and removed without you realizing. From googling the term “queue.php.lock” it looks like there may have been a bug at some point surrounding that file name.

By “staff”, I guess I meant the people in charge of the phpbb forum. What your telling me, is that there is no support “whatsoever” for phpbb on the forum? I guess that explains alot…6 pages of the same question, and people there with the same solutions, which in most cases didnt even work. Then it comes down to the last guy who says “I tried this” after the topic was posted 4 years ago, and it was this month that a reasonable answer to the problem surface, by accident. I know its not exactly a question to ask here. It was my “last ditch effort”. We already submitted a questionaire about this problem several days ago, and nobody bothered answering it; which added to my frustrations. We had just had a server changeover several weeks ago, because of some dreamhost related issues, so because of the nature of the time frame the notifications quit working, we were suspecting that something got messed up in the transition. There was at least 1 case of this happening to others, as indicated on the phpbb forum.

I still don’t know who you mean. If you opened a support ticket at Dreamhost they should help you with issues related to the server and services such as mail.

phpbb is an open source software project with no license fee. It is 3rd party software that you (or someone) installed here at dreamhost. Dreamhost is not responsible for supporting this software.

Open source projects typically have a forum such as
to serve as support. (phpbb also has a chatroom on IRC). Very rarely will you find an open source software project that actually has full time support people. why? because the software is offered free of charge and there is no revenue source to pay support technicians. The “community” support model (forum) actually works very well most of the time for open source projects. Occasionally someone with a problem tho will just be so anal about the way they ask and complain that no one really gets interested in helping find an answer.

If your interested in paid forum software with paid support folks then try out vbulliten.