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Ok. So i have several profiles setup for various reasons. I created a phpbb forum under one cgi profile. I would now like to move that forum to another existing cgi profile. Is that possible?




explane your self a little more - I’m not clear on exactly what you’re trying to accomplish.



Well, i have 2 different users names/accounts/cgi thingys under the same domain. I make a forum while user/CGI “A” was enabled. Therefore, when people go to, they get to my forum. I then switch user/cgi to “B”. Now when people go to they no longer get to my forum. This is because i am now using CGI “B” instead of “A” under which the forum was created. Is there an easy way to link the “A” forum (or to completely move it) to “B” so that while user/cgi “B” is active people can get to my forum?


Ahh, I understand. When you change the user who is excuting CGI for the domain, then the place where the apache server looks for the files changes to the new user directory - however the files arn’t copied over or anything. So you change the CGI user and the site dies.

There are two easy things to do here. First just switch the CGI back to user A - it doesn’t make and difference in the site (enless you’ve installed custom stuff for that user like webmail or php5)

Or seconed, copy all of the site files from User A to user B by loging in to FTP with user A’s info - download all the site files to your hard drive, then log into FTP with user B and upload to the new site directory.



Switching back to user “A” is not an option. Therefore, i have to do the copy thing you talked about. How do i do that though? I guess i need to copy the SQL Db? The only thing i need moved is the forum.


The database should continue working fine and you should only need to move the files themselves over.

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The name “webdummy” was not a joke. I still dont have a clue how to move/copy the files over. Any step by step instructions anywhere?


The simplest way is probably to download all the files with FTP to your computer and then upload them to the other user account.

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