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Hi all,

So I was starting up a new forum for my company and it occurred to me that there are at least three very common sub-domains used for discussion forums:

I obviously want to pick the most conventional one so people don’t have to think when typing the URL.

Opinions? I think forum is the most popular, but don’t have proof of this.


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Whenever I’m typing /forum* as a directory after the root, I realize I can never remember which way the forum I’m visiting decides to spell it.

I’m not sure which one is the best one to use, but I would advocate using a 301 redirect to channel the common variations into the same landing page :slight_smile: I have a site with a /forum directory and I’d have to actually go visit to say which spelling is the actual page since either one takes me there.

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I go with /forum for my domains.


Same with me. I use folders as well. I don’t think I would worry too much about what way you go Lensman. I beleive most people that visit frequently would have your forum in their favorites menu. Everyone else well they should beable to access it from your main web page if they forget.

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The term “forum” is used approx. 4x more than “forums” - even tho forums is the correct term if you have more than one… ermm… forum at the landing site. The proper Internet word is actually ‘Board’ (remember the good old BBS circa arpanet?) where you would find one ‘forum’, or several ‘forums’ to click on and then post a thread.

Confused yet? :slight_smile:

I usually use a and have a 301’ing to it as well.

Guess I’m just a conforumist after all :s

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[quote]Guess I’m just a conforumist after all[/url]

That’s it. You’re fired. Turn in your pocket protector and leave.


Fair enough, but I’m keeping the Ask Me About My Death Ray! t-shirt.

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