Forum: Flat and Threaded


I’ve tried several times to set my display preferences to display posts in Flat mode by default, rather than Threaded. But it does not stick for Search results. The option is currently set to Flat, but posts always display threaded. I’ve tried changing it back and forth a few times, but no luck. Is there some trick to getting a flat display by default, all the time? It doesn’t seem to be a cookies thing… I’m accepting all cookies form the system.

This might seem like a minor complaint. But I’ve been using the forum’s Search as a means of support, and having to click the Flat button every time I open a thread from the search results, or having to click to each post in a thread, is navigational overhead that I’d rather do without. I should emphasize that this appears to only be a problem with search results, not with posts accessed from the main index pages.


Thanks much!


Your description is identical to my experience here over the years. I guess there’s not much to do about it. This forum is homebrew, and therefore might have a few of these quirks. I have learned to live with it.

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