Forum being attacked

Hi folks

I am looking for some advice.

Over the last couple of days my forum has had hundreds of new users sign up and they are not posting all sitting with zero post counts. I searched IPs and they are all coming from the Ukraine and Russia.

I was using the Q&A verification for sign up and changed it to reCAPTCHA but it has not made any difference they are still coming.

I have switched off new registrations and purged about between 300 and 400 and got it back to normal users, but as soon as I open up for registrations again after 10 min they are at it again its really starting to get on my wick.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Open a ticket and ask support to do a security scan on your account if you haven’t already.

Other than that what forum software are you running? is it the most update version? what plugins or themes are you using and where did they come from? Do you have any idea why this forum would be a target? How long has it been set up, is it advertised anywhere? how active of a place is it?

Welcome to the reality of running a web forum: spammers, spammers everywhere. :frowning:

Using the Stop Forum Spam username/email/IP database will help immensely. They’ve got plugins for most of the popular forum software, and it’s what we use on our discussion forum here. It’s not perfectly effective, but it’s quite good.