Forum beginner question: How to post image?

Can someone please tell an old guy what the steps are to include an image, .jpg, .png, etc., in a forum post?

I’m probably just having yet another senior moment but I can’t figure out how to do it. :frowning:

Thanks in advance.

Depends on the forum software. This particular one doesn’t have it enabled, I’m afraid; if you need to post an image, you’ll need to upload it somewhere and post a link to it.

Thanks Andrew F. That’s what I was guessing but I was hoping I was wrong.

I’ll just have to get by without using images in any posts as I don’t have anywhere that I’d want to link to on a public forum. works well for that. No account required, just upload, grab the link.

That site looks promising LakeRate, but which link do you use from that site? HTML, IMG, URL, or Direct Link?

I tried all of them and they all posted as the link’s code rather than a thumbnail.

Here’s a test .jpg I uploaded to tinypic:

What’s the correct format to post the image here?

[quote=“oldguy, post:5, topic:60845”]Here’s a test .jpg I uploaded to tinypic:

What’s the correct format to post the image here?[/quote]

That’s it, unless you want to use different link text.

On this forum when posting you may see editor icons, one of them is a globe with chain links. Click on it and the first popup will ask for the URL and the second will ask for the link text.

Then you can do something like this: photograph of a nest

to add: If you’re typing in the “quick reply” box you won’t see the icons that Atropos7 mentions, to find them the quickest way is to type more than 5 chars in the quick reply box then hit the “preview post” button. The editor window there has more features.

Ok gents.

It kind of surprises me to come to a tech forum these days that doesn’t actually display an upload .jpg/.png file pertinent to a post but it is what it is and at least I now know what I’m dealing with.

Thanks again.

Likewise. A picture is worth a 1000 words. I have no idea why that function is locked out.

It was enabled for a while, but was only really used in spam posts. Disabling it (and rejecting posts that tried to use it) ended up blocking a significant amount of spam.

Spammers ruin everything.

Amen to that Andrew.

However, I participate in several other tech forums and they all allow the posting of images. Maybe they just keep their moderators busier. :slight_smile:

I do believe that the old adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” often applies, especially when you’re trying to describe a problem to someone in a forum thread.

Thanks for the info though.

I tried all of them and they all posted as the link’s code rather than a thumbnail.

there should be a way to ‘verify’ a user account … or even optional ways… e.g. ‘linking’ forum and hosting accounts; reaching x number posts, … and once verified as trustworthy functionality is enabled.

wonder what mybb plugins may be available

Exactly… I’ve said similar before myself. is another - and it offers direct linking (avoids adverts).

Post image does indeed seem like a good alternative since the results don’t display a page full of ads.

I did have to do an extra step, though, compared to tinypic. When I uploaded the same image I tested tinypic with:

Wasp Nest

I had to resize down the original .jpg. The site wouldn’t take the full size image as did tinypic.

Probably worth the small extra step to avoid the tinypic ads though.

Embedded images are not allowed, but a link is, and that is ok, that way if people want to see the image, they easily can, if they are not interested then they don’t have to follow the link