Fortunately, I woke up!


I am a dh customer for half and a year and I want to tell my experience…

It was good when I first heard about the disk storage place and the band limit with a very little amount of money. I was really impressed. I installed a forum software and wp on my domain. Everything seemed perfect till I had 4 thousand members.

Later on, my forum gave internal errors over and over. When I asked for help, they said it was a third party job blah blah… However I knew it was not because of the software I used but because of the host.

One day when I entered my website, I saw it was denied. Someone had played with htaccess file in order to prevent people enter. I changed haccess and told dreamhost not to do such a thing again. Did they listen ?

Of course not, they made sth more ununderstandable, after a month, they closed my website telling me that my website was too popular ( maybe not a correct term, but this is what they said ) for dreamhost. How could it be I asked ?

Because I used to use only 60 gb band in a month and 3 gb of my storage, I couldn’t find a sensible reason. They answered my mail but not by finding a solution. They wanted me to buy a VPS. It looked like a joke to me. Why would I buy a vps for such a little website. If dreamhost woudn host it , what was it going to host for me ? a simple blog ten people entered each day ?

I didn’t accept their vps offer. Even if I was going to buy a vps, it wasn’t going to be dreamhost just because I thought they deceived me and others…

I moved my website to another host and mywebsite got faster, I have nearly 40 thousand members now and everything is great.

Do I hate dreamhost? Yes I do. Bcoz, I think Dremhost earns customers with their little paid hosting and asks them to buy vps after a while. That is what I understood.

And that band, storage matter. Why do u offer such a big storage and band limit ? You couldn’t stand my 60 gb band for a month, did u ? U deceive people in this way.

Anyway, I woke up, it was a bad dream. I am happy for the moment, when I am awake…

I am open to any comments and criticisms and I hope dreamhost is also…

Have a nice dream !

That is a lot for a shared server to support.

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That’s true, but the real questions are which forum software, which wordpress plugins, and what the max simultaneous pagesviews and posts were. From the description of the “errors”, it was more than the server could handle.

If it’s really true that just by moving to another host, the apps magically performed much better at ten times the traffic, then the OP made the right move. If problems crop up after a while, then they’ve just postponed the problem. If there’s no spin in the story, this doesn’t seem likely.

However, since the OP seems to have an agenda and doesn’t sound like a technically sophisticated webmaster with a sufficient understanding of web application performance management, I’d vote for this story containing a lot of spin. I apologize if this sounds cynical, but I’ve become cynical over the years after finding out that every single complaining poster here has put spin on their story and not revealed all relevant facts.

Anyway, my best guess is that either the traffic or the software changed in the move to make the site’s computational demands much less. Either that or he’s found and amazing shared host giving dedicated server CPU levels for shared server pricing.

Just my opinion. Apologies again for the cynicism.

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I 've been on forums for years and I think, I understand u. Bcoz users are apt to speak as much deplorable as they can in order to effect others and just skip what suits to their collocutor.
I could decorate my story with the “support messages” I sent and received, but it would be too long to read. Maybe I seem brutal when I blame DH only. What made me indurable to post that story is the general innocent SIGN UP of DH which includes:

500 GB Disk Storage
5 TB Monthly Bandwidth
97-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Plus many more features!
Sign up now for $5.95/mo*

That is either not true or there is things missing. Whatever it was that caused them to close mywebsite, it should be written as well to the sign up conditions. Bcoz, if u make a quick search, I am not the only one, maybe few of whom dared writing his story here.

In the first months I was happy, I was not spinning when I used to boast of being a dreamer. Not nothing changed. I ust told what I experienced and I directly said that I hated dh and I do.

Of course u should be liberal when answering one’s post , that is why I am not criticising you (Lensman). I said I didn’t spin just bcoz I didn’t. But webmasters attach some events with their experiences they had with their users. That is why I know what u feel about my story. Thank u for ur opinions.

The one thing that is missing in the equation is the question of web server or database server CPU and memory utilization. These resources are only specified by VPS hosts as limits or guarantees. Well, actually, some regular shared hosts do set limits on CPU, memory, and database utilization.

Dreamhost used to publish limits for these resources, but dropped the hard limits some time ago. I wasn’t here back then, but I think this was due to the fact that it’s hard to measure server load due to these items when the usage is spiky or related to backup processes running niced in the off hours and they didn’t want to set artificial limits that penalized account holders who were actually ok at the expense of the chronic resource hogs.

Anyway, I do understand that my point of view is intentionally a devil’s advocate one to your own and I do appreciate your understanding of the need for it. It’s only through open discussion of disagreements that shared understanding can be created - and I do appreciate the Dreamhost has given us this board to share our views, however controversial, without regard for a classic “only good news” view of marketing.

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Lensman, I think you’re being pretty generous. This is obviously a child. The adult perspective of this would be to monetize the site at least enough to support extending the resources as required. Anyone who has the good fortune to get thousands of registered users on a site should invest a little something in its upkeep beyond $6/month. I don’t care if this is a site for a game, music, or comic books, from thousands of registered users there will be some small number of people who will click ads or send a couple bucks via PayPal to keep it going. The money can be used to get an expert to evaluate resource consumption, to do some optimization, or to purchase extended services to support the demand. Where is the rule that says absolutely every site of any level of popularity can or should run on a shared host? I think the availability of shared hosts to the common person has created the expectation that we can support unlimited demand for virtually no cost.

I’ve seen sites fold for lack of funding. I’m sorry to say this but the world is all about supply and demand, and if there isn’t enough demand to fund a site then the model is wrong and it probably deserves to go away. No, I’m not being capitalistic about this or siding on the side of the cathedral vs the bazaar. There is a cost for what we do and someone needs to pay the cost. This guy is complaining because he can’t support tens of thousands of users for $6/month? Gimme a break. I don’t want to pay for the load imposed by this guy’s successful site with tens of thousands of visitors, so he has to. He can fix his problems with a VPS, a dedicated server, some expert consultation to properly point the finger at the software or the resources, or maybe even by splitting up his site so that it spreads the load to different servers. Sure, maybe going to another host was the best thing he could do - for him and us. I would rather that DH management allow this customer to look elsewhere than to try to keep him happy at all costs, because “all costs” means imposing on our (sometimes non-prime) levels of service.

I have also had issues with a small site running lots of mods, and I’m getting bad enough performance that I’m considering DHPS. But before I spend money on that, I’m going to have someone look at the site to make sure the software/database isn’t abusive. That’s what this guy should have done before moving his site, or as you’ve said he might just be delaying a problem that just going to smack him on yet another server.

I think when someone buys a ticket on a bus they don’t expect that they’ll have the whole bus to themselves. If our sites become a continual drain in a shared environment and thus impacting other customers then there is little option than to have us moved to VPS. I’m sure you agree that this is entirely reasonable.

40k members is a great accomplishment. Congratulations! :slight_smile:

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Here are some people advocating dreamhost such as Sturbuck and I dunno how much he gets from dreamhost for this job. I am not a child and my forum or board is not about a game, music whatever u said. I have never thought about gaining money from my users via paypall or else. Bcoz I am not a robber. I accused u of being a dreamhost advocator just bcoz of ur prejudiced opinions about me. Maybe I am rich, maybe I can buy thousands of servers. But is this the matter we are discussing ? If dreamhost is promising to undertake some responsibles for its customers, it will, and however much shall it cost, it doesn’t matter again. If dreamhost said 10$ , I am sure people would give that 10 $ but they would demand a qualified service just like I did, ( by mistake … )

Yes I have thousands of members but the problem occured long before I had them, when my forum was about 4 thousand… And I had optimized my forum, uninstalled every single mod that would cause slowing the server. Why don’t you try searching Dreamhost’s mistakes before giving biased answers, or make some search to determine if I am the only one ?

Dreamhost is not a professional hosting company anymore ( and I dunno if it was, I just heard ).That is what I see, It is just an overseller. Oversellers do not care their customers, they just fuse and defuse the electricity cables. And most probably that is what they did for my website. But As Sturbuck doesn’t care what I suffered, he accuses me.

I don’t wish u to suffer the same, but in oder to understand me, if you have to suffer, then suffer ( Sturbuck )…

Now, I don’t want anything for myself from Dh.

what I want is for the future customers. Change your sign up conditions. Bcoz it is a trick, a nice trick to sell vps.

I dunno why Sturbuck wrote this answer for, but thanks anyway, bcoz it doesn’t include any simple satisfying sentence. just blaming me instead of asking or searching if what I experienced was true or not. u are biased man. sorry but u are.

Congratulations on being the first actual adult that I have seen who uses “u” and “bcoz” a lot.

I would be genuinely interested in more information about this cable fusing and defusing stuff. Is that a metaphor, and if so then to what does it refer and compare with what jobs within Dreamhost?

They fused (or defused) the electricity cables? Were these the electricity cables that go to your website? So then they aren’t metaphorical, but rather they are real?

Please do clarify on these electricity cables, and of their fusing and defusing. I was not previously aware of this concern.

I think I will put in a suggestion to Dreamhost to make voodoo curses against the forum TOS.

Evidently your sites were causing too much of a load (perhaps during either the fusion or deffusion process?)… that’s just the way it is… shared servers can only give YOU the individual so much before your neighbors start to suffer. If I had 4 thousand regular people on a forum I would definitely be wondering if I were still within the limits of what “regular” shared hosting can provide. You may have a different internal gauge reading, but Dreamhost can look at the loads and see what’s holistically going on with the server… I am sure that they truly saw that it was necessary or they would not have bothered you.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” - Mark Twain


do u know sth else other than making fun of someone ? Is this the way u answer all topics here dwr ? I didn’t write any fuckin word that would force your hands to use the fuckin keyboard in order to give me a mocking reply, right ? Did I ? Are you testing my patient here ? huh bro ???

About the fusin and defusin cables, u are right, it was metaphorically used, what I meant was the blocking of my website suddenly, without giving any warn or anytime for me to correct things. That is what I meant and I am sure u got me.

And my words, u , bcoz , whatever, I didn know that it is a must to write them here as a complete word !!!

Shorter ones makes sentences more beautiful, in my opinion…

Why do you all support dreamhost, I don’t get you , r u workers here ?

Is dreamhost perfect reallly ? That is my question. I am already gone, I am already out of ur borders. Maybe your sites need some guests and then u may see what my trouble is with dreamhost. huh !!!

I is not, but that what you just wrote is comedy gold, and I beg you that if you take your hosting business elsewhere, to please return from time to time and provide humor for me and others. You see, reddit doesn’t update fast enough, and you really have to dig through digg to get to the good stuff… but man, you can just cruise Dreamhost at about any time and find some fun, and you sir are bringin it in barges!

Listen, facts iz facts… you can only push so much on a purely shared server. I do not know if you are “getting rooked” or not… I do not know if a shared server should be able to handle more than 4000 users on your forum and Dreamhost is just sucking ass for you, but I do know that you are welcome to see if you can fit the same site on another provider for the same or less money, and come back for years to come and let us know how you’ve successfully escaped the clutches of Josh’s evil marketing mind control that he has over us zombies… I would be interested in knowing, as a matter of fact, where you achieve such glorified success!

With Dreamhost you either love em or detest them. If you love them then you are probably getting satisfying service and have come to enjoy a greater Dreamhost experience (let’s face it, few hosts have a strong enough “aura” to have truly created a hosting “experience”) as a plus. If you detest them then you will have no choice but to leave The Experience. You will try them… your pages may even get served… but they will never satisfy you quite like Dreamhost.

Put up banners if you must! Maybe some AdSense… sell your soul a little so you can afford some dedicated, then implement your world commerce takeover scheme until you need your own data center and can afford to hire Dreamhost as your janitors, and still afford to pay them more than they even make now!Dude, you’re just one vision away from having Google looking to buy you out!

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” - Mark Twain


u speak too much, but you say nothing bro, bcoz u didn write anything related to what I asked, why may the problem have occured, and what the solutions were but weren’t implemented…

if a 4 thousand member website needs a server, paralelly, 40 thousand member websites would need not a server but servers, however, I am on a shared server with my 40 thousand members, is this sensible ?

And u misunderstood me about sth. I never said I can’t afford a dedicated server. I can earn hundreds of $ in a month only from google adverts and maybe I do, I am not discussing that dreamhost is cheap or expensive. I just can’t reconcile my logic, why dreamhost doesn’t let its customers the whole thing. That cpu matter for example. Why does it leave its customers naked on the web ? asking them to buy vps or else e site will not open ? Is this moral for your marketing mind dwr ? or moral to dreamhost marketing mind ?

Earn as much as you can, foo the customers, yeah, in this way u can be very rich maybe, sell thousands of servers, vps, dedicated, hosting whatever and be number one in the world, with money, not with customer satisfaction or contentment. This shouldn be the marketing mind as well

What are we discussin now ? That dreamhost was right to close my website ? or I am an ignorant of the marketing mottos ?

anyway, i really do detest dreamhost, u r right, and I wrote it in my first message. u seem like having or had nice dreams. have it then.

thank you all for your answers and opinions

Nosir, we weren’t discussing that at all, we were just about to solve the riddle of some ancient hieroglyphs that had baffled anthropologists and linguists, not to mention the astronomers, cosmologist and out right religious loons… when all the sudden you started talking about this, Dreamhost thing… what is the Dreamhost that you speak of?

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” - Mark Twain

u deserve the most kind swears but I won’t , go on like this, how do people believe in someone who has no respect to others, who knows nothing other than mocking when they have no words to say. it is my bad, I thought u were grown enough.

I sure do appreciate you keeping it to the kind ones and not wishin them mean ol nasty swears on me. So am I understanding purely right that you’ve got 40,000 members on your Dreamhost hosted forum? 40,000? That sounds to me like Dreamhost is deserving of some folks being impressed. I hope I can get up to 40,000 members on my sites before having to move up.

Ok Mr. Shatner, but before you go please do me one favor…

Tell me what is sth, one of the people you met from the future?

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” - Mark Twain

You’re not supposed to talk about Josh’s evil marketing mind control out loud !!

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It’s sorta like the moon landing or 911 hoaxes, heck… it’s even sorta like Roswell… the govt just lets people talk about it openly because they know that not enough people will believe it.

“Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it’s time to pause and reflect.” - Mark Twain

Just for the record, I DO work here at DreamHost and I have to point out that our Terms of Service adequately cover the situation the original poster encountered:

Specifically Material Products, item 7:

Servers are shared with other customers, and as such IRC-related activities or severely CPU intensive CGI scripts (e.g. chat scripts, scripts which have bugs causing them to not close properly after being run, etc) are not encouraged. Any application that listens for inbound network connections (even if the application would otherwise be allowed) are not permitted. BitTorrent clients, proxy servers/scripts, IRC bots and bouncers (BNC) specifically may not be run on any DreamHost Web Hosting server. If your processes are adversely affecting server performance disproportionately DreamHost Web Hosting reserves the right to negotiate additional charges with the Customer and/or the discontinuation of the offending processes.

As the person who handles server maintenance I know exactly when we require customers to upgrade to a Private Server as I am the one who does that and as a general rule of thumb I leave people alone unless they are:

-using more than 10% of the server resources (we’re not going to last long with 10 customers/machine at shared hosting prices - I know that’s not a perfect analogy as you have to consider average usage but it seems like a reasonable threshold considering the second caveat)


-causing server performance issues (if you get an email from me it’s because your server is under heavy load or crashing regularly and you’re on the top of the list of resource users)


-given a reasonable amount of time the customer is not able to lower their usage and improve server stability (something that I try to do for the customer in every case before I send them the first message about the situation)

Let’s be frank, cramming that all onto a sign up form is not something any intelligent business would do so we cover it very clearly in the Terms of Service which ARE linked from the sign up form and which everyone using our services agrees to.

Actually, I have to side with the customer.

I understand server performance and configuration well – and at 40k users, you would be best off on a dedicated system…


Dreamhost is offering 500GB of storage 5TB of transfer a month…

5TB of data /monthly is ~167GB of data daily. That’s a lot of throughput

I strongly doubt that anyone would be able to push 167GB a day without using >10% of server resources and causing server issues.

I agree that people should be throttled or smacked down, or whatever – I’m constnatly having to call in for tech support because my server basically stops working when another user has a big day – but the marketing people promised something that seems to be incompatible with the tech department.

I would like to see a much easier way for customers to monitor the resources they use. The current system is absolutely rubbish, and beyond the comprehension of average DreamHosters who use the “one-click install” features. What is needed is some sort of human-readable “meter” or “gauge” that tells them how much resources they are consuming. Preferably at the process level, but at least (and perhaps also) at the domain level.

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