Formspree Contact Forms No Longer Working on Remixer Websites Dec 2020

I set up a new website using Remixer and a simple Formspree contact form section but it appears it no longer works. My old contact forms on other websites still work, even using email addresses not hosted on DreamHost. I submitted a ticket but can’t add any comments, I did some research on Formspree’s site and they are phasing out how forms used to be processed as of a month ago. Since the Remixer code is hard set by DreamHost I can’t work around this easily. Has anyone else experienced this on their sites yet? You may want to verify your older contact forms still work properly. More info at Formspree’s help page:

Hello, I have figured it out tonight. Register with Formspree and it will give you a form endpoint after you set up an email destination with them.

After you confirm your email address just use the part of the url right after Directory plus code like this f/xxxxxxx and enter that and only that into the destination email field in remixer. Because the endpoint used to be their url plus your email address now the folder+code is what is used. It will now send your form to the desired email address.

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Great, but where do you enter the URL? I can’t edit remixer’s code and I tried putting un the page slug URL and that’s didn’t work. Please explain.

According to @User2 you should

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