Anyone know if dreamhost offers submittable forms? Here is what I want…
I want a contact form for my contact us page and I need a form where I can ask about 10-12 different questions using check boxes and text areas for responses. It needs to be submittable and I need it the response to be emailed to me. I would like an actual form builder rather than trying to play with the HTML to get it right. I also don’t want trials or something that is limited to how many responses I can have.


The only form handler that DreamHost offers (that I am aware of) is Formmail. If you want anything beyond that, you are going to have to pay a web designer to do the job for you, if you are unprepared to do it yourself.

If you do want to try yourself, I wrote a couple of articles for the DreamHost Wiki that will point you in the right direction:

  1. Form Processing
  2. The PHP mail() function

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If you are up for a little adventure, check out

I have installed this on dreahost, and it works like a charm. Much easier way to implement the type of functionality you describe than handcrafting a buch of html forms and using some processing software (DH has one! see to send you the result via email.

Frankly, if you can find your way through the instructions to use DH’s formmail, you can probably install/use phpsurveyor.

Check it out, and Good Luck!