When I set up required fields and the user is sent to the error page because they don’t fill them out, I have a back button on there for them to return to the field. Is there a way to make it so their fields do not clear? It is saving the fields in mac ie5, but not netscape, I’m not sure about pc yet. wondering if there is a script that I can include??

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I think this is just the behavior of the individual browser and I don’t think you can change that.

The way I solve this is to present the form to them in the error page with the form fields already filled out with the stuff they submitted.


You could always carry the form data over in cookies and call their values when the page loads to fill in the details. Iv’e caught myself using that method before.

Hmmm… IIRC, it’s not necessarily the browser at fault…

I think the issue is whether the person is truly going “back” in a navigation sense, or whether they’re being told to go to the form. “Back” should retain the form’s contents, while going to the form’s URL will nuke 'em.

If the button uses a JS back script, I would think it should work…

But I’ve been known to be wrong.