Forms to Website

HTML and CSS I can handle…but I’m a true novice when it comes to PHP and CGI. With that note…

I am currently working on a website and would like to add a comment/guestbook type feature. The website is going to host people’s written work…so I guess you could call it a review option. I would like readers to be able to post their thoughts on the writing / read other’s comments.

I know how to create Forms and make it so that information is e-mailed to me or a certain address. What I’m looking to find out is - how to have the information (once the form is filled out and submitted) processed and displayed on a website, instead of e-mail.

I’ve searched through the internet for tutorials on doing this, but haven’t found any real helpful ones…most of them are more for experienced users. If anyone knows of any, it would be greatly appreciated!

this may be more help than you wanted but…

that’s got quite a lot of good info in it relating to what you’re wanting to do.