I administer a site on DreamHost. It is designed on a Mac using
FreeWay Pro 3.5xxx. I want to add a form feature, using the built-in
design utlity in Freeway. The FreeWay documentation has 4 points on
this topic:

  1. Your ISP has a pre-configuered script in place already for you.
  2. Your ISP will allow you to put your own formmail script in your
    own cgi-bin.
  3. Your ISP uses a different script.
  4. Your ISP does not allow such scripts.

My question is, can I add my own cgi-bin and formmail script. Or,
must I try to use the steps in your from-mail configuaration page?

Please understand, I am not an “html groupie”, and need to rely on
Freeway to do my heavy lifting. I simply make choices in the
application, and it writes the underlying html code when the site is

Thanks for your help

We’re just customers in here, but I’d recommend you go with #1, using the instructions at FormMail is historically risky, but the one DreamHost provides is pretty safe.


Yes you can add your own cig-bin and/or your own formmail script. In fact, due to Dreamhost’s use of suexec, which runs cgi scripts as your user, you can run your formail script directly from any web accessible directory without having to place the script into a cgi-bin directory.

That said, it does not necessarily mean you should do so, as formmail scripts are notorious for being hacked and exploited. The Dreamhost provided formmail script is pretty robust. I have hosted here for many years and never had it exploited; I have (unfortunately!) had a “popular” and commonly used formmail script exploited on one occasion.

If you can manage it, I strongly advise you select “point 1” of the Freeway documentation to follow (“1. Your ISP has a pre-configuered script in place already for you.”). I think that doing it that way, while it might initially seem slightly more complicated, provides a level of known security that you may not get if you take the other approaches.

There is quite of bit of help available in these forums on the use of form mail scripts, some of which might be of help. Good Luck!