I am new to DreamHost. I have transfered the hosting of several domains to DreamHost and have the first one up and running. The forms on the second one is giving me the following error:

The form attempting to use this script resides at, which is not allowed to access this program.

If you are attempting to configure FormMail to run with this form, you need to add the following to @referers, explained in detail in the README file.

Add ‘’ to your @referers array.

How do I change the file to do this?



Unfortunately, we users can’t do this, as we cannot edit that script.

What is supposed to happen is that, once a new domain is added to the DreamHost DNS listings, it is added to the referrers’ array “automagically” (usually in about a day).

Is it possible that this is a “newish” domain?

You can always generate a support ticket, and see if they can troubleshoot it for you, though if the domain is “new” to DreamHost, it should sort itself out in about a day.

Of course, in the meantime, you can always use your own script. The NMS formmail referred to in the error message, which is the basis for the DreamHost script, is free and readily available.



Thank you for your reply. If the referrers “automagically” get added, perhaps I was too impatient and will wait! Yes, I just transferred the DNS early this morning, I just thought that since my domain is up already, I thought everything else would work too. Silly Me.

I appreciate your quick response. I will sleep on it and check it in the morning!



That’s not a silly assumption at all, and it’s the way you would think that it works. :wink:

I only know differently from prior discussion with a DH admin on the subject. IT seems some things are "batched’ processes and don’t happen when you would think they would.

The DreamHost admin I was discussing it with said it would happen “within a day”, so I am assuming it is a “once a day process”.

I know I am routinely befuddled by the fact that, in my experience, adding an email address and having it go “live” sometimes happens almost immediately, and other times takes a “whole day”.

At any rate, if that referrer doesn’t get added before the end of tomorrow, I would contact support; batch processes sometimes fail to complete and might need a “kickstart”.