A small question from a guy in Denmark!
Ohe yes…

Se I’m working to build up a formmail. But then I need to have it to sent attachment, 3 different peaces. Can it be done here on Dreamhost? If yes it can: How? Some great ideas?
I have been looking in two days around after the codes but nope…
Hope you can help a Danish Viking :slight_smile:

Have you taken a look at HiQ FormMail? It looks like it may meet all your needs. :wink:


I work on it. but… i think i need SAFE_MODE swith on, on my space on Dreamhost. Can i do that myself?

Items below apply only to Safe Mode operation.

The directory defined here MUST be in(or under) the same directory as HiQFM.php

and have world write permissions (CHMOD 777).

[safemode_temp_dir] TEMP_FILES

For Safe Mode set this to yes.

[safe_mode] no

Actually, no, you do not need (or want!) SAFE_MODE=on set on your Dreamhost account to run this script. What the script’s comments are saying is that if your have SAFE_MODE=on in your PHP configuration, you have to manage those lines.

SAFE-MODE is not “on” at Dreamhost - so you should not need to edit any of those lines for the program to work. You should leave them as they are. :wink:


If I want to send attached files I need it to be SAFE_MODE on. Right now the script is NO. And that’s not function and gives the failure information:

The form was not submitted for the following reasons
-SAFE MODE- can not write to TEMP_FILES
Brought to you by HiQ Formmail Version 2.0

Or is it me? Nice of you to help

I needed to make a dir …

Good Deal! I’m glad you got it sorted out! :slight_smile: