Is there a way to customize the formail page? When I fill out my form and send it I get this Thank You page. Is there a way to customize that page to look like your site?



The DH formmail script? Check this link for descriptions of different fields you can use: The quick answer is to just add this hidden field:
. Replace returnpage.html with the name of your file.






Is there a way to make this a clickable link? All I am getting after you “Click to send message now” is a “Thank You” page that has the message and then just the text (not a live link) of the returnpage URL.


You can have the value of the return page be any page of your site. So you can create a regular html page that looks just like all of your others, perhaps thanking the visitor for filling out your feedback form. The page you make can have links, graphics, anything you have (or don’t have) on your other pages. Then put the filename of the page you create as the returnpage value in your feedback form.



Well, yes, I know all of this. I tried that. I put the following line of code into the html of the contact page:

But it’s not working. Instead of the return page being my main page of my site like I have it in that line of code, it still takes you to a generic “Thank You” page here:

Why is that? What am I doing wrong so that it keeps taking the person to the above URL after they click on the “Send message now” button?


omg I’m such a moron sometimes! Told you the wrong thing. The hidden field is like this:

:::sigh::: going to sit quietly to the side for a while now




Thanks! That fixed it.