Formmail with autoresponder

I have set up a form with the recipient named as I have also set up an autoresponder to respond to emails addressed to When I test the form, I receive the email message from the form, but no autoresponder generated email response.

The strange thing is that when I send an email to from my mail program, I receive the message and the autoresponder generated message. That’s what I want.

Does anyone know if your can use formmail with an autoresponder?


Thanks, BobS, for your response. I have about exhausted everything I can think of including creating another autoresponder associated with a new and different email address.

I read the kbase article as well and at one point I thought that one had to use a real “Email Alias” as opposed to regular Dreamhost Mailbox email address. Just don’t know and this is not my first autoresponder. Now, I can’t even get it to respond without the form.

OK, so I am replying to my response. I think I have the problem sorted out, but only after contacting DreamHost support. They wrote me back today:

"On Friday, November 5, 2004, at 04:04 PM, DreamHost Customer Support Team wrote:

Autoresponders are only sent once to an email address that is sending a message to a mailbox. This way someone who may write to you daily will not get flooded with autoresponder messages everytime they write you. So the behavior you are listing above is normal."

I was testing with various email addresses and sometimes (probably once a day) I would get a response, sometimes not (probably because I had already tested it with that email address earlier that day.

Solution: set up a catch-all address for one of your domains and use a different email address each time. Should work so that you don’t have to wait until tomorrow to recheck your autoresponder.

I suggested that this be included in the knowledge base or some other appropriate place.

Added Note: The support staff at DreamHost is amazing and fast!