Formmail & win 98

It seems 2 people that have win 98 are unable to use my formmail located here:

Does anyone knwo if this is true and if so is there a fix for it? ><

If they’re using Windows 98, they might not be too smart. Tell them that when they’re done typing, they have to hit the submit button at the bottom. :^)

I can’t think of why it would matter, since the work is being done by the server. Or are you just talking about display problems with their browsers?

What exactly is the problem that they’re having?

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You know, the other thing that it might be, if they heavn’t kept the computer up to date and have a rescent verion of IE installed it could be it doesn’t understnd some part of the html you’re using. For goodnes sake their OS is only 8 years old. It’s getting a little long in the tooth.

Personaly I refused to help troubleshoot or fix any win98 machines a cuople years ago. Encourage them to get a new computer and a new OS with it.


lol… yes i agree they are outdated…

it MAY be IE… I will see if they can maybe upgrade…

the problem is when they hit “submit” nothing happens, it stays stagnant at that screen as if they never hit the button… and I receive no emails of their filling the form out.