Formmail script sends to person completing?

Hi All,

Anyone know of a formmail type script that sends the input not only to a designated recipient, but also to the person that completes the form?

Thanks in advance!

Not offhand, but I’d imagine most scripts could be modified to add the sender’s email to the To:, CC:, or BCC: fields.

Just keep in mind that it could be used by spammers, especially if it’s allowing a message to be entered, too.

Example: I enter “Check out my Viagra site!” as the message, then for my email address, I put something like this:,,, plus a few hundred other names.

Just something to keep in mind. Not just for spammers, but anyone that wants to mess with your or your site.

Are you already using a script that you would like to add this feature to? If so, and it’s PHP, I could probably tell you what to look for and see if it’s an easy enough task to pull off. If it’s Perl, or something else, there are probably others here that could do the same.

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Thanks. Didn’t even think of the bcc field – duh!

The form is in a private area that requires password protection, so not worried about the spammers.

It is actually Matt’s formmail script, so will have to get out my old cgi script.