Formmail.php not sending email

I installed formmail.php from Jack’s Scripts

It works fine except for one minor problem: It doesn’t send the mail, or at least it’s not being delivered to the recipient. I have the proper email address configured so that can’t be the problem.

The scripts uses the PHP function “mail” to actually send the mail based on the form content. The mail function returns a boolean value. I test for the return value and it returns true, which means that the mail function was successful in sending the mail to the mail server – whatever mail server PHP is configured to use (php.ini). Since I can’t view Dreamhosts’ php.ini file I have no idea what server that might be.

Is there any way someone at Dreamhost can help me figure out why the mail isn’t being delivered?

Have you checked out Dreamhost’s formmail? It is also based off of Matt Wright’s Perl Formmail and has the added benefit of having all the security holes patched up.

No, I want to use Jack’s PHP-based script, which is based on Matt’s script. With PHP I was able to add “chaptkas” which is basically a verification code image that the user needs to read and enter in order to send a message with the form. This helps prevent spam.

I see no reason that the PHP version should not work. So can someone at Dreamhost give me some help please?

Our php mail does work and I don’t know of any problems with hosting servers not being able to send out mail. Make sure you have it configured properly so any bounces will go to a working address.

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[quote]Have you checked out Dreamhost’s formmail?


Note: Useless if you need to set the From: address.