FormMail php file? download?


I am confused. I am building my first website using a tutorial for Dreamweaver. Everything has worked out ok until this contact page and the mysterious formmail.pho file. The “instructor” says that my hosting company should provide this page - formmail.php - which looks like an html file that I save in the webiste folder on my computer. I have no idea how I go about obtaining/downloading this file? My computer guy friend has left me hanging. The video makes it sound like a simple step, yet I can’t figure it out and this is after hours of research. Please someone help this computer illiterate figure it out.


You can’t download dreamhost’s version but you can use it.

Essentially you create your contact form using the variables documented on the page linked above, the send button on your page uses the form action shown at the top of the page.


Is this a php file I have to create using the html coding(variabes?) from Dreamhost? Or do I put their coding directly into my html file for my contact page? If the latter, where do I place the code?


Just build a page with those html elements in the body as you want them to appear, some are required, most are optional. Read the documentation and experiment, it’s not hard. If you get stuck, post your html and ask for help from there.


Thank you! I will give it a shot.


You can also download and host your own formmail.php if you need to changes/use more advanced settings…


How does this look for the .php file -

Untitled Document

I don’t see a field for “message” in the dreamhost formmail. I do have a box for that on my contact page. How will that be incorporated into the email?


You can add an extra field to the form for comments or body or whatever, the listed form elements have special meaning, but if you add others like Comments:
they will be picked up within the form. You can also add things like dropdown selections etc.

I probably should have also given you this link as it has an example. You also need to add a Send button which you can get out of the example. You are missing a tag. You also need to move your and tags to the end.