Formmail not working well

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when I submit the form, I get:

“Error: GET request
The HTML form fails to specify the POST method, so it would not be correct for this script to take any action in response to your request.”

I’ve used the exact tag from the wiki and also tried a slight variation (different capitalization) that worked before, but it just doesn’t work.

My form (this is the one with the different capitalization):

Wpisz mnie na listę wysyłkową STEP-u.
Zmiana danych osobowych

* ImiÄ™ (imiona):
* Nazwisko:
Miejsce pracy:
Adres prywatny- ulica i nr. domu:
Kod pocztowy:
* Telefon:
Telefon komórkowy:
* E-mail:
* Uwagi:

Any idea why this is happening?