Formmail not being sent

I have been using Jacks formmail.php which has been working fine, but then suddenly stops for no reason. I also use Matt’s It also worked fine, but suddenly stopped working.

Failure to receive the formmail happens from time to time and then it suddenly starts working again. I have the mail configured to be sent to my domain email as well as gmail for a backup, but nothing is arriving. What could be causing this? Please don’t say I have not configured them correctly because they work fine but just stop and eventually restart for no apparent reason, as I have changed nothing. I also cannot use DreamHosts formmail as an alternative because it does not work with SSL, https. Thank you.

What is the FROM header of the email? You can no longer spoof the From header, it needs to be from an address at your domain, and that address should exist as either a mailbox or forward to on your dreamhost account.

For the convenience of reply you can include a “reply-to” header with the email address of the person completing the form.

Also if you don’t have a you should create one… forward only is fine…

The from email is a valid email from my domain.

Sounds like a queue issue or the mailserver flipping between being blacklisted or not.

When it works, does it successfully send mail to the big bulkies like GMail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. ?

When it works, yes.

The first thing I’d probably suggest is trying to only send to a local DreamHost mail account, forgoing the additional GMail backup CC when you see the scripts failing. Being an intermittent glitch, this might be quite difficult to catch unless you get lucky (for want of a better word).

If it works, you could set the local account to “Also Forward” mail to your GMail backup via Panel.

Live Chat support just admitted there is a mail queue problem. This has been happening a lot. It may be time to consider changing hosting companies. This has cost me sales.

Thanks so much for your help.

Mailchimp have a reasonably cheap solution called Mandril that might be worth a look.

This article may help:

This article may help with web email form issues