Formmail errors..?

I’m using dreamhost’s cgi form for my webpage’s contact form (which emails the responses to me).

I didn’t use to have this problem but I can’t figure out what has changed.
The form on this page:

When you submit it, the email I get says:
when according to the knowledge base and past experience, it used to say their email address…
The reason I ask for their email is so that I can just respond to the email directly. What’s the deal with it changing to the nobody bit?


Well, that’s not true either because they did enter an email address into the form. I know because the form showed the email address with the rest of the info (in the body of the message) vs. it being the reply to address…


The field names used to control the form processing must be in lower case.

Since you capitilazed “Email” in your source, it is not going to be recognized as the return e-mail address.

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LOL!! The capital letter is what did it.
Geez–that was silly. Thanks Atropos!