Formmail errors in IE 6 win

I made a form which runs fine on my mac but in IE 6 Win when I submit the form I get an error that says: “Your email recipient can’t have more than one line to it…” And all the form input fields appear (on the error page) to be on one line. But in the code on the page they’re not. The code on the page validates.
Can anyone suggest a solution? is this a bug in formmail?

Did you give each field in your form a different name? Could you share the form code? Might be able to spot something that way.


Besides checking to make sure you don’t use the same field name more than once, also make sure you aren’t using a TEXTAREA element for the e-mail address. This element will insert “new line” codes into the text, and “new line” is considered white space and HTML collapses white space for display, making it hard to see if a “new line” was entered.

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