Formmail Error



I’m new to DreamHost and I’m having problems with the formmail functionality. I’ve got all the required fields as indicated on The problem is that I keep getting the following error:

Error: Bad or Missing Recipient
Please make sure you have filled in the required recipient form field, and that the e-mail address used is hosted with DreamHost.

As a spam-prevention matter, we can now only allow our formmail to forward to email addresses hosted with us. If you’d like the recipient to be an email not hosted with us, please just create an address to forward there!

The recipient was: [ ]

This is an active mailbox. I’ve sent a test message via regular email and it was received. Anybody have any suggestions?

The form is located at



Just a quick first look, shouldn’t the value part of the recipient contain at least the username of the email address such as the ‘cs’ of the email address?


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