Formmail content email

I’ve constructed a form, and the info is emailed to me as desired. However, the sender on the email is "". Is it possible that I can change the “nobody” to something else? It really looks funky and I hesitate to inflict that on my client.

Well, who the e-mail is sent from is denoted by the ‘email’ field. I don’t know about using the formmail script that DH uses but I know that jack’s form mail script --which is written in php – is similar in function to matt’s formmail script that I assume DH uses – allows you to put in whatever you want for email on a form-by-form basis. If it’s not stated that you use an email value on the DH instructions, try using it anyway and put like . If that doesn’t work to change it, you might as well go get jack’s form mail script from here and put it on your server since it would work just as good, if not better :slight_smile:

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