Formatting resulting e-mail from Formmail


I have created a lunch order form using Dreamhost’s Formmail and it is working properly (I still need to upload the redirect page, but the form can be found here:

However, the resulting e-mail I receive is not formatted well. I would like the resulting e-mail to display the form information better - Perhaps with a header between orders like “Order 1:” on a separate line followed by the choices for that order, “Order 2:” followed by those choices, etc.

This is a clunky form, but will only be used for a week or two.

Is there a way to specify in the form how my resulting e-mail will appear?


The easiest way will be using HTML codes to format your message body.

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I have done that in the past with a ColdFusion form, but am not sure how it’s done using formmail. Can someone plesae tell me what to put in the form, and where it is placed on the page?


Well, I understand your problem now.

I’m not sure how to do that using formmail.

Usually I use PHP mail() function and format the email body by myself.


You can’t with the DreamHost formmail - it is not designed to work that way. It is a DreamHost-specific version of the script at The nms Project. And if you examine the source code, you’d find the message output is hardcoded a certain way. You can install and modify your own version if you are good with Perl though.

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