Formatting Formmail output

Does anyone know a way to format the email that formmail sends? I’ve set up a bunch of forms using it and it typically doesn’t matter what the emails look like. The 3 forms I just set up will contain a decent amount of text and I’d like to put some spaces in between fields, etc, but am not sure how.
Thanks for any help.

Not sure if I understand the question, so I apologize if this isn’t what you’re looking for. Check out to read about the different things you can do with the formmail script.

One thing you could do is include hidden fields that would return as blank. You can use the sort function to designate the order in which the form’s fields are emailed to you.

The email might look something like:
Field1: Lots of text
Field2: (blank)
Field3: Lots of text

Well, if you are using Dreamhost’s formmail script as a backend, there’s definitely no way to do it; I’m assuming that is what you’re speaking of.

However, you could run the script through a first filter which may automatically add a
here or there, and then either manually have them click to go to DH’s formmail backend to output “User Input+Your HTML Markup.”

I do strongly suggest that you ditch DH’s formmail, and take advantage of the PHP mail(); function. This would allow full customization, 200%.

You can find out more about the mail(); function here:

You should take a look at

PEAR is a framework and distribution system for reusable PHP components. And Mail is a class that provides multiple interfaces for sending emails.

It´s very simple to use.