Formail & IE

Ok… well, I finally have the form going… and it works in mozilla. Now I see what the problem is, it will not work in IE.

I thought it had to do with o/s but it is actually not working in Internet Explorer. The problem is, when one hits the submit button, nothing happens, it sits there stagnant as if the button was never even pressed. I can only think it has something to do with my code :frowning: If anyone can help… I would be greatly appreciative!

Here is the site:

Here is my code:

Nevermind, it will not let me post my code… keeps chopping it out when I go to preview.

Anyway- I have no idea what the problem is :frowning: Albeit this is my first time working with forms…

The immediate problem is that your form has two closing tags (), one above the submit button and one below.

The larger problem is that this page is not even remotely valid HTML, which makes troubleshooting much harder than it needs to be.

If you want useful replies, ask smart questions.

well, I’d guess that you should work on firming up your HTML. I just ran the page through the W3c HTML validator and it picked up on several errors. First you need a DTD (document type decloartion). There’s also a few erros with the code. I’d bet that once you get thoes fixed your form with work in IE.

You seem like you know what you’re doing, so I figure you will understand the output you’re getting from the validator, but if you’ve any questions feel free to ask.


Well, I hope you all are proud! I spent tonight cleaning up my code (I never realized it was that bad… :frowning: I am still a wee beginner… still am absorbing so much information and really want to one day master all of this :slight_smile:

I ran it through that validator and used html tidy and also worked on doing some indentation to match up tags. My tables were very messed up- all that confusion of nesting. But I got it figured out and it does now work in IE, well, it does for me at least!

My questions are now this…

  1. When I run that validation program… I get this:

I am not sure what to put in for this >< (I did however figure out what I think is the appropriate doctype).

  1. It (this validator) keeps coming up with many errors for what I have in the counter (which is what dreamhost has me code)… why does it do this?

  2. When one is on the page and they go to enter text into the text box… how do I code it so that the text disappears rather than having the user to backspace it to enter in their own text.

What I mean is… I have:

[quote] Do you want text added to your photo?
Enter text to be added to photo here. [/quote]
Thus, a user must backspace the text “Enter text to be added to photo here” in order to put in their own text rather than just clicking and the text automatically disappearing.

Just leave it blank and put the help text next to the box:

to blank it when the user focuses on it, you’ll have to use javascript - which is probably more complex than you want to go.

I’m not used to having to put in a utf charcter encoding in the DTD before. You’d have to google that one, see if you can fingure out what the appropiate way to do it is.

As far as the counter goes, make sure that it’s a standard image tag, maybe even double check from the couter site to make sure you’ve got it right. See if there’s appropiate < > around the tag and all that good stuff.

The java script ot make the box clear isn’t that difficult, I bet you could do it. It’s called an on-click event. There are several actions like this that are incorperated into html. Here’s a really basic example from the w3c:


I believe that should be fixed by ending the img tag with /> and by putting amp; after every &.

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After reading this thread, I ran some of my pages through the validator too. Don’t be discouraged, not only beginners fail the test. I’ve been doing this for 10 years and I still had a bunch of errors. I was able to resolve the character encoding error by placing this line in my head tag:

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Team Shocker

Meta tags are the “cheap plastic imitation” method of doing what really should be done with true HTTP headers sent by the server. You can use a .htaccess file to do this, with a line like:

AddDefaultCharset ISO-8859-1

– Dan