Form to mail

I’ve setup the form and have tested it out a few times, but I’m not recieving the mail. I’m pretty sure I have everything setup correctly. Has the form been working fine for everyone else?

I have found that often times it takes awhile for those first emails from the formmail.cgi to begin to work properly. I don’t know why this is, but on many occasions I have had the same experience as you describe, only to find that later in the day the form begins to work as expected without any intervention on my part, and continues to work fine ever after.

If the “target” email address has been well established and is working properly, I think you have done all you can do - the form appears to me to be correct.

That said, and with the qualification I mentioned in the first paragraph, I have found the DH formmail.cgi to work very reliably.


okay thanks… i guess I’ll just have to wait it out then.

So I’ve waited over a day and I’ve still yet to receive anything from the contact page that I’ve setup using the DH form to mail script. It’s a bit upsetting to think that it’s taking this long to send an email… I might just end up going with something else.

Something is definitely wrong…I went to your form and sent you a message yesterday via the form…it did not bounce. If it didn’t find it’s way into your mailbox or spam folder, I think it is time for a support ticket. :frowning: