Form stopped posting information

I have code that worked a couple days ago, but for some reason has stopped working and I am running out of walls to put my head through.

I have traced the problem to the fact that my forms are posting NULL values for all of my hidden inputs and subsequently nothing is happening on the page. Like I said, the code is debugged up to and beyond this point, but nothing is posting. This error also occurs on multiple browsers (firefox,safari,chrome)

Any ideas as to what is wrong or why would be greatly appreciated.

<?php session_start(); include('functions.php'); var_dump($_POST['todo']); //returning NULL var_dump($_POST['amount']); //returning NULL if(isset($_POST['todo'])) { $todo=''; $todo=$_POST['todo']; if($todo=='sellItem') { sellItem($_POST['type'],$_POST['flavor'],$_POST['amount']); } elseif($todo=='test'){ clearList(); $_SESSION['itemList']=array(); } elseif($todo=='cashOut'){ itemListParse(); } } if(!isset($_SESSION['itemList'])) { $_SESSION['itemList']=array(); } ?> Comemos Register
<?php if($todo=='processJerky') { processJerky($_POST['amount']); }else{ // If the jerky form isn't called, put up register ?> *These are the forms in question * *This also returns NULL <?php } //Closes else statement (when nothing to do) echo totalJerky().'lbs of jerky costs $'.jerkyCost(); //var_dump($_SESSION['itemList']); // Dumps item list for debuging ?> <?php showJerky();?>

Found the issue: conflict with javascript code (even though it contained no reference to any $post variables…weird.