Form Mail

I have a couple of domains, and have just rebuilt another site for one of them. In most of my sites, i am using the form mail function. In fact, for my new site redesign, I pulled the same form mail code from a working site to the new one. However, the new site form does not send any email!

Here is the code for both sites (exactly the same):

Enter Your Message.


Can anyone help me understand why one site is working and the other is not when the form is submitted?

Is your email server working fine?

Are you using Google’s or DH’s email server for the domain?

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I figured it out. Basically, I’m an idiot and it’s way too late for me to be coding!

I thought I had an email address of “contact” at this domain (I do at the other one). Turns out I did not, so I set the recipient to a valid email address and it worked out.