Form Mail

Forgive the noobness of this question but how does one use the formmail feature. I tried pasting the text into the html but nothing happens. I also tried putting that mandatory get line in there but nothing works. Any help or links are greatly appreciated.

the link you want:

if that doesn’t help, post your code for assistance


Thanks for the fast reply. Let me rephrase…

How do I use what is on that page? Do I just cut and paste that into my website or do I need some other files uploaded to my directories to make that script work?

if you read that page closely it tells you everything you need to know. This will get you started maybe…


your name:

your email:

your message:

[/code]You can add whatever form elements you like, give them descriptive names and the results entered into or by those elements will be added to the email to you.


Awesome thanks!

Where do you get the code for the submit button? I didn’t see that on the site.

Your script was exactly what I was looking for. I now have an understanding of how it might work. Many thanks.

yup, that page doesn’t mention a submit button. It assumes you know html I reckon. And that’d be where I “got” the code from, html specs, if you want to learn html a great place to start is


Thanks for the help. I guess I have much more to learn. Darn that Frontpage.

straight to heck


Remember that you don’t need to enter your full e-mail address in the form. If your full e-mail address is listed, then you’re vulnerable to spam harvesters.

Instead, you can omit the part from the address if the send-to address is on the same domain as the webform is.

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excellent point, been using my own formmail for so long I wasn’t aware that you could do this when using Dreamhost’s. Made me cringe seeing that email in the markup when I did it.

That’s a big good detail to note, thanks TorbenGB :slight_smile: