Form Mail Questions


I am using the formmail script here:

As trying some other ones didn’t work. This one is working fine, but is there anyway I can access the submitted fields on the missing_fields_redirect and redirect pages? I’ve tried looking for them in the $_POST array but they are not there.

For my missing fields page I would obviously want tell them what fields were missing (or better yet, rebuild the form and refill in the correct information). Is there anyway I can access the submitted information on the resulting redirect pages?


Never mind, this does what I need:


I’m curious to know if you’re able to get this form to work, because PHP formmail is what is no longer working for me.

The ancient formmail works, but I really hate to revert back to that.

If you don’t mind, post here about the success of this script.



I am new to dreamhost and web design. I have been trying to get the old “formmail” to work for me but would not for a while. It now seems to be working… I think… does it send you mail from "" (or something like that)? If I have forwarding set up on my dreamhost email, shouldn’t it forward this mail or all mail for that matter cuz I don’t get the nobody mail forwarded.

Is PHP mail working again? Does dreamhost have lots of problems?


Old formmail seems to be working fine. It’s PHP scripts that aren’t working properly.

Typically the “nobody” email address only shows up if a proper email address wasn’t submitted on the form.

Lately Dreamhost is having problems lately. I can only login to my webmail intermittently. Two of my domains suddenly started giving me an error message that no email addresses were set up for them, when they’ve had the same email addresses for a couple of years!