Form Mail not working

I just set up a site today with a form that when filled out gives this message:

Bad Referrer - Access Denied
The form attempting to use this script resides at, which is not allowed to access this program.

If you are attempting to configure FormMail to run with this form, you need to add the following to @referers, explained in detail in the README file.

Add ‘’ to your @referers array.

The code for the form is:




Anyone have a clue why it is not working? The email address the form goes to is working properly when I send and receive emails from my email client. It is just the form that is not working. Thanks.

Here’s an old answer from rlparker:


Yes, I added the sub-domain and loaded the site at the same time. I had a feeling it might be that I was trying it too soon. Thanks for your reply.